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Glutathione w/CoQ10 & PQQ

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Glutathione w/CoQ10 & PQQ
Glutathione w/CoQ10 & PQQ

Liposomal Glutathione with CoQ10 and PQQ presented in an oral syringe. Specifically formulated to support antioxidant of free radicals, support enhanced and appropriate cellular energy, and support mitochondrial health and biogenesis of new mitochondria - powerhouses of the cells. There are five syringes per box, and there are four servings per syringe.

Our physicians have recommended taking one dose every other day- this makes it a 40 day-supply. We also have many people that like to take it on a daily basis- this is fine, too.

This product can be taken with or without food anytime of the day. Please store in a cool dry place. It doesn't have to be refrigerated but should remain at ambient temperature.

Note: During the warm summer months, we will only be shipping product on Mon. and Tues. as we don't want the product sitting in a hot USPS warehouse over the weekend.

We will be using ice packs for shipping through July and August. If your product arrives and it's not cold, it's fine- the ice packs will melt, however they are intended to keep the product at ambient temperature throughout the shipping process.