SAJe' Topical Cream

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SAJe' Topical Cream
  TOPICAL -- Supporting Joint Mobility, Joint and Soft Tissue Pain, 
Muscle Spasms, Muscle Aches and Pains

Almsbio’s SAJe’ Topical blends nature’s most clinically effective pain relievers.  Featuring a variety of studied natural compounds, each of which supports soothing of aches, pains, and reduction of inflammation.  SAJe’ cream works topically and aromatically to help relax and calm while supporting healing and improvement  of affected areas.   Great for use with soft tissue pain, joint pain and stiffness, soft tissue pain and spasms, and minor bruising.


An an ancient oil used primarily in  Aboriginal medicine. This amazing oil provides a combination of omega 3, 6, and 9’s.  Emu has been used to support reduction in inflammation and alleviation of soft tissue pain, as well as supporting joint pain and improvement of mobilization. Due to it’s small molecular size, it supports absorption and carrying of many helpful compounds. Emu is also great for nourishing the skin.


Extracted from beautiful bright yellow flowers of an Alpine herb, Arnica is a MUST for supporting healing of bruising. It also is noted to support pain relief and healing of soft tissues and joints.  (Note: Arnica should not be used on broken skin or open wounds)


Considered “everlasting” is extracted from a flower native to France and Italy Helichrysum is considered antispasmodic and may help to lower swelling and improve circulation needed for healing. 


Used in ancient Egyptian ,Anglo-Saxon, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine practices, Frankincense has been used to support a wide range of conditions, including arthritic conditions and relief of pain as well as stress relief.


Extracted from plants native to the Mediterranean known for their medicinal properties, Marjoram is considered an anti-spasmodic.  As well, it supports reduction of soft tissue pain and supports healing of pulled and strained muscles.