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When it comes to the brain, cognition, and focus, glutathione is crucial
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Glutathione and Focus

Every cell in our body produces glutathione which is our body’s most important naturally occurring antioxidant.  When it comes to the brain, cognition, and focus, glutathione is crucial because it’s the most prevalent antioxidant in the brain supporting the delicate balance between free radicals and overall brain health. 

One of the ways glutathione helps to support proper focus, cognition and brain health is by helping to fight oxidative stress and free radicals. While the dance between free radicals and antioxidants is a normal part of the functioning body, oxidative stress is particularly damaging and happens when there is an imbalance…meaning, more free radicals than antioxidant capacity. 

Liposomal Glutathione + COQ10, and PQQ work synergistically to support overall brain health and cognition.  Clinical studies on improving brain function support that PQQ and Co-Q10 work more effectively when combined…so we’ve combined them with glutathione,  all in one formula to support cellular integrity and cognitive learning and function. 

Vitamin C is also a super important nutrient and antioxidant of choice for overall brain cognition and support.  Vitamin C has been shown to help with the expression of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor).  When it comes to genes there is a “BDNF gene” which codes for the protein brain-derived neurotrophic factor which is found in the brain and spinal cord. BDNF is important for the health and survival of neurons, cell growth, and cell-to-cell communication. BDNF is also important for brain cognition such as learning and memory.  Along with this, Vitamin C also has a synergistic relationship with glutathione.  Not only does Vitamin C support the regeneration of used glutathione, it also plays an antioxidant role in neutralizing free radicals thereby sparing glutathione

So, how can we help support our own focus, cognitive function and overall brain health?  One way is to support and defend against damage from oxidative stress by helping the body’s antioxidant system – particularly by boosting endogenous glutathione with supplemental liposomal glutathione. And then, make sure Vitamin C levels are adequate – and make sure it’s 

liposomal vitamin C for enhanced bioavailability.


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In short, Glutathione + Vitamin C ensures enhanced bioavailability and helps support focus, cognitive function and overall brain health

What Our Customers Are Saying

I started using AlmsBio glutathione about two years ago for detox purposes and as I’m concerned if there is one supplement that my family and I will continue to take as we get older, it’s this one.

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A powerful anti-aging cocktail consisting of Glutathione considered “the mother of all antioxidants.”

Focus, Cognition & Brain Health

Supports proper focus, cognition and brain health


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