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This is where Liposomal Glutathione + COQ10, and PQQ shines!
Over 100,000 clinical studies

Glutathione and Anti-Aging

There are over 100,000 clinical studies on the benefits of glutathione and it really boils down to this, Master Antioxidant!  Glutathione helps support the body at a cellular level by protecting it from the ravages of oxidative stress, free radicals, environmental exposures, effects of poor diet, drug/alcohol use, to name a few, and helps with appropriate mitochondrial function.  This is super important because mitochondrial dysfunction can lead to damage to our DNA, and cell death. 

Co-Q10 is also a powerhouse antioxidant that is essential to the output of ATP (our energy currency), and also supports mitochondrial health. As an antioxidant, Co-Q10 is highly protective and helps to neutralize and reduce free radical and oxidative damage to DNA. High concentrations of Co-Q10 are found in the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys and it is suggested that Co-Q10 is also protective of other body tissues such as eyes and nerves.  Emerging science

reports that the protective qualities of Co-Q10 may also support an increased lifespan. 

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone), even though not considered a vitamin, is an essential micronutrient. It is “essential” because your body cannot make its own so it must be brought in via dietary sources. Not only is PQQ a powerful antioxidant but it plays an important role in supporting the birth of new mitochondria. This is important because mitochondrial dysfunction is associated with poor health conditions.  When it comes to our cellular health and vitality, the upregulation of new mitochondria helps to keep your cells young and strong. 


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Co-Q10 is also a powerhouse antioxidant which is essential the output of ATP, which is our engery currency.

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